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Thanks for Bearing With Me

Really getting somewhere now, in fact have definitely got somewhere. But there is a problem — I perceive a large “karmic oil spill” in my family which needs intensive, long-term, careful clearing up.

It has already caused, or else associated itself with, an illness I now realise I have had since the age of two probably, and which I need to cure. But as anyone may, I’ve looked deeply into the family energy as a spacetime flowplace and realised that this is causing difficulties for many, not just for me. Thus I have a very big cleanup on my hands. (It’s a shame most of my family are materialists and will never thank me.) I also have no idea how long it will take but do have help of all kinds. Yes this does mean I’m ill. I wish I’d noticed this in my 30s…

I may go back to posting occasionally, more cultural stuff but now starting to link it in with the inner forces. I really think the cultural thing is important. I’m interested in enumerating the things we SBNRs all share and showing where they came from. Because we don’t share a doctrine (which is a very good thing and shows the new structures at work here) it’s nice to see us as a story with numerous intersecting forces weaving through time… the academics who are bothering to try have actually done quite a good job of this. What I’m hoping is, people find will it easier and more fun to read my summaries than their books… especially since I will try to put the soul back in and present it for everyone.

I also think it’s interesting to ask where SBNR is going next, and what the future of oil-lean troubles holds for Western spirituality. In that narrative (over the protests of some, sorry, but it must be done) I will have to weed out the strands that have become overly tainted with schmaltz, commerce, and easy dreck, because naturally the times will do that anyway.

What is nice is: after you do that, there is still plenty left, and it’s much more interesting stuff.

I’ve also realised, for which read: had forcefully pointed out to me, that there should be no incumbency on people to go through all the texts of Humanist Psychology and the like. Some will want to, some won’t, some want to but can’t get hold of the books. It’s not necessary. If you have a couple of key concepts you don’t need the endless discussion. The tradition of big reading lists will remain because that’s what Glenn did (in a college context remember), but there need to be some basics easily accessible over time. I am going to do a lot of summarising, on cultural terms and on psychological terms. I’ll excerpt the important stuff and/or epitomise it, like a 21st century Stobaeus. I want to provide a generalised set of keys and ask the basic questions it seems so few are bothered to look at.

I have another couple of projects on hand too, which will come from a different place, but because of the above situation, can’t move to what I thought would be the next phase properly yet. Never mind, it’s all very interesting stuff.

I leave you with a couple of vids. The first is a nice snippet of the great Alan Moore interviewed by the very excellent comedian, Stewart Lee. Moore’s attitude on many things is so wonderfully refreshing and enjoyable. There are longer things out there on his graphic work, but you’ll see why I like the snippet which is on spirituality.

After that I though you’d enjoy some of the work of one of the very greatest current exponents of SBNR Tibetan/Crystal bowl music, Danny Becher. I’m sure you’ll all get it although it is not ice cream.


Hey there. This bath for cleansing the energy has helped many and I thought I’d share it in case it’s useful. It comes from the esteemed sorcerer Draja Mickharic (p. 38 in my edn.), and he says he got it from Reichians. It certainly has a more noticeable and powerful effect than most ritual baths of this type. It seems to cleanse off difficult energy associated in particular with strong reactivity and adrenaline, so it works very well for calming down over-excitement or anxiety and brittleness etc. One theory is that it rebalances the electromagnetic system, which is probably right.

You take it last thing at night, right before going to bed. Mix together 500g each of sea salt and bicarbonate of soda. Run a lukewarm bath and put the powders in, mixing until they are fully dissolved. Set a timer for 20 minutes, get in and immerse yourself including the head. Come up for air and relax, then continue frequent immersions alternating with relaxation until the time is up. Towel dry and go right to bed; sleep until you naturally wake.

Good Interview

I loved this new interview with William Irwin Thompson:

He has such a great attitude to the history of SBNR. His interviewer Pir Zia Inayat Khan is more formal and religious than I would normally like, but he turns out to have a great power of listening which really makes the moment happen.


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