Hypnosis for all — I wish :)

So yes I do definitely still use hypnosis. And I’m working on ways to make it relevant all the way through enlightenment processes (something Glenn wanted to do) which is extremely interesting work, to put it mildly. My plans to practice hypnotherapy professionally got temporarily interrupted but will still fruit. Energetic and transpersonal effects seem to happen when I do it, by themselves, and thankfully there are a couple of resources to draw on.

Not everyone who would benefit from it gets to experience it. I plan to do what I can on that by giving low-cost treatments. Blog readers may get some free treatments from me this year too! I’ve got studio facilities and am working on audio hypnosis which I might make available in time; I will also do some free personal hypnosis sessions here in London eventually, perhaps putting together some sort of meetup as well as my practice, a talking shop.

If you want to get started in using hypnosis on yourself it still is good to get hypnotised at least once professionally first. All hypnotherapists will introduce you to the joys of self-hypnosis too, if requested.

I hate the selling in commercial hypnosis right now, the blather, waffle, mask-wearing and easy answers, nearly as much as the power-hungry “you too can make everyone else your slave” thing that you still see quite regularly. Believe me, the great pioneers of hypnosis were anything but soft-soapers.

But there are also people who know. The Havens/Walters book in the General Reading List is still a great start. I also recently found another book by the same authors that’s really interesting — ways to seed positive traits via hypnosis, eg. imagination, altruism, aesthetic and sensuous appreciation, meditative detachment and so forth. Very interesting, ways to stretch your humanity. That’s what we want!

I can’t help feeling that the usefulness of hypnosis is still not being fully exploited. It builds a relationship with the hidden that is so intimate and so effective, for those of us who easily respond to it. There is nothing like it.

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2 responses to “Hypnosis for all — I wish :)

  • James Wainio

    I’m glad to see hypnosis material on your blog! My friend Matt is studing hypnosis and wants to eventually use it to help me with aspects of the Glenn Morris Kundalini Awakening Program. I’ve taken the level One twice online. I’ve just been speed reading recently, but what you’ve put out here has already given me ideas that I will share when we start the experimentation! :-)


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