The delay is…

Andrew Jackson Davis — the “American Swedenborg”. All his visionary stuff was set off by initial contact with mesmeric trance.

… I’ve discovered things I need to work with actively. Some truly wonderful stuff, really has coalesced my view, brings a lot of things together. But is not conducive to me sitting and writing, my mind is in a completely different space.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve been writing here for well over two years and I’ve been writing stuff that works, and so it’s worked. Especially with the recent research, which I thought was just historical, what I found was a new way of seeing. Now I’ve suddenly seen the most enormous link with hypnosis.

I should mention a bit more on how hypnosis fits the picture. Its importance is greater than most think. Hypnosis actually dovetails with chi kung, because of its foundation in Mesmerism. The records of those guys have things in that nobody is noticing. Everyone knows hypnosis works for all sorts of stuff like pain relief, and that it can awaken good stuff in the personality, etc. But a lot of people haven’t twigged that this happens because of different consciousnesses within the person that are contacted. This is all about the power of trance states and it goes right through the recent history of Western spirituality, as well as wider of course, in different forms, into shamanism etc.

Did you know:

– Edgar Cayce first went into his trances through hypnosis?

– Jane Roberts, of “Seth Material” fame, worked with hypnosis and recommended self-hypnotic procedures?

– Masters and Houston, looking to reproduce transpersonal effects of LSD, went to group hypnosis procedures in Mind Games (1972), and inspired the John Lennon song and album (great cover art)?

– Some of the simplest chi kung motions resemble those of the early mesmerists, which were sometimes used to build trances so strong that legs could be amputated painlessly?

– There are people showing science to the effect that the old mesmeric passes actually work?

Friederike Hauffe, the “Seeress of Prevorst”. Painting by Gabriel Max.

– Mesmerism too was linked with the visionary, that great seers mostly now forgotten, eg. the extraordinary Friederike Hauffe, worked with these procedures? (And of course all the psi/ESP imaginable, take that as read. But there’s more to this than just that.)

– Western mesmerists worked with tree energies? Here’s the “Puységur elm”, which early mesmerist the Marquis de Puységur worked with energetically. See those people holding ropes attached to the tree? They’re receiving energy from it for healing. (BTW, Check out Christine’s new blog for her work with plants, good stuff.)

Puységur’s magnetised elm.

Now put all that together and what have you got?

Obviously all this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve written before at various points about some of the stuff that this brings together now — eg. on entrainment, the overhead light, the normal, subconscious and superconscious mind, and so forth. And of course Kundalini.

Unfortunately it’s all clicked in a way that I can’t write about because I’ve got to work with it directly. I have to confirm what this is telling me. So right now I may have to stop writing altogether. I’m sorry about that, it is unexpected, but it may be the best way. Some of you know anyway that I’m not awfully comfortable online.

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  • Ashtar Command

    im fine no riots in my hood. reading some steiner…

  • simonsharp1976s

    as long as you can leave a few breadcrumbs – such as the promised reworking the reading list!

    • Jason Wingate

      I know, I know! :)

      But part of what I’m doing is seeing what the reworked ones should look like.

      I need to test things out.

      I hope for this to turn into something that will be of wider benefit. I’m not abandoning my responsibilities, I’m trying to fulfill them! But I have to check this out thoroughly.

      Is there anything you need adding to the lists right now, or any questions lingering? Everything on them still stands pretty much. For hypnosis there are “breadcrumbs” in the last few posts as well…

      (And I will relay all the useful history stuff later too, just from a different angle than I expected.)

  • simonsharp1976s

    No, its all good. I was just tantalized by the idea of more context – how it all fits together rather than the individual items. But as you say, this is what you’re trying to figure out.

    a Meditation book that I thought combines hypnosis and energy work well – for a beginner like me is ‘awakening the mind’ by Anna wise. Actually, having gone through a few meditation manuals recently this one, coming from the ‘brainwaves’ angle (but without being reductionist about it) made quite a bit of sense to me.

    I felt It had quite a few parallels with the initial process outlined in Pathnotes – but without the specific stuff like healing sounds….and the loose-talking wise-cracking style!- which kind of got in the way for me when it comes down to nuts and bolts of practice.

    • Jason Wingate

      Wise in the Amazon reader looks compatible with Glenn and with me as well. The biofeedback-style overarching approach could be useful if you want architecture, for sure.

      There is more being discovered on that all the time. From the date of pub. she won’t have included gamma waves for example but they would be easy to add now, and may be implied in her discussion of Kundalini, depending on how far she gets.

      Some interesting info on gamma here:

      SSE Talks – 40 Hz Brainwaves and Higher Consciousness

      I’ll be interested to hear your results from the guided meds and may buy her book later to see what the crossovers are.

  • Robert

    Ken Wilber has endorsed the iAwake technologies for some time. They use gamma, hyper-gamma and epsilon frequencies. I tried the demos for various of their different programs and they are probably the only brainwave guiding programs that don’t make me feel like I’m being forced anywhere and I get a nice feel from their stuff but then, I’ve had a nice feel from lots of stuff. However, I don;t think they’re ultimately my bag.

    • Jason Wingate

      Yeah, I don’t make use of that stuff. I don’t like being mechanically “slotted” to some frequency either. That isn’t where I’m heading personally, although it works for some and I’m grateful it’s out there — the more ways there are the better.

      I think what Simon was referring to (Anna Wise) was guided med with biofeedback on frequency, rather than any kind of entrainment. You attain the frequency yourself, with a meter that tells you where you are. The Elmer Green thing if you know of that. There are some useful data from those investigations, but again, some will like it more than others as an actual method.

      • Robert

        I don’t like the entrainment. Had a complete mental flipout on Holosync many moons ago.
        I think this iAwake stuff is a little different from what I can make out. It isn’t a strict forcing like some entrainment programs but seems to have multiple types of entrainment to focus on so that you can keep re-listening and always have a different response.
        But anyhoo, it just doesn’t feel right to be sitting listening to something on headphones, introverted and with odd buzzes, clicks, whistles and whatnots reveberating threw me noggin’.
        On another topic – Ever met anyone who can’t really get any benefit from qigong? Or is there a fit that needs to be achieved between type and person. I’ve spent the last year and even more time before that with different types of qigong and found that although I get all the rebalancing effects, heat and cold,movements, etc when I start, can feel the different types of result and feel of energy after practice and am sensitive to the point of being very aware of the different energies given off by practitioners that I watch in videos, still don’t find that it has any actual effect on my state of mind or health. I may get some initial benefit with but then it disappears. I’ve tried Flying Phoenix Chi kung (8months), Wong Kiew Kit’s stuff (6 months) and Fragrant Qigong (4months as of now). I should say that I’m not working, am ill 10 months out of every year with a baseline feeling of ‘ugh’ and fluey-ness throughout my body and have lots of colds on top of that but I thought I’d see some sort of improvement from the qigong but nada. Any ideas?

  • Jason Wingate

    I have met one other person whose history resembles yours — they persevered and did get somewhere eventually but yes, everyone is different.

    I would want to rule out diet/environment/sexual energy issues. You could experiment with herbs like ginseng etc. If you want knowledge on that a cheap copy of this could help.

    When you say you feel “heat and cold” — would you say you actually get a sensation of movement of chi through your system, or is it more that heat and cold come and go from different areas? If you have no sensation of actual chi movement you might want to experiment with this (or the book version). Or take a look anyway… it’s good stuff.

    Later on I’ll have a way to use hypnosis to work with things like this…

    • simonsharp1976s

      Actually there is a question I have about the Robert Bruce NEW which has bugged me for a while. There are those who are quite critical of methods such as NEW because they claim it is teaching one to treat body awareness sensation – proprioception (which is a physiological phenomenon) as energy movement. The more enlightened criticisms do not claim this disproves ALL chi work – just that this method can lead to misinterpreting what are physiological processes. This guy has some good criticisms of it written last year

      I remember from the intro to the book version that Bruce does actually say the sensation ARE body awareness and not directly feeling energy – but then at some point in the system he seems to be once again treating the body awareness sensations as direct evidence of ‘energy’.

      I wondered if you had any perspective on this – seeing that you recommend the book and seem to know what you’re doing!

  • Jason Wingate

    This guy has some good criticisms of it written last year

    I must be missing them. He talks about one little exercise, nothing to do with NEW or anything else I’ve written about personally.

    Elsewhere on his blog he talks about proprioception as a positive difference between “really feeling what is there” and only imaging. You tell him that this is the same as NEW, which is the correct position, and he accepts this with polite interest. So there is no criticism of NEW there either. That would be the right end of the stick with which to begin.

    I remember from the intro to the book version that Bruce does actually say the sensation ARE body awareness and not directly feeling energy – but then at some point in the system he seems to be once again treating the body awareness sensations as direct evidence of ‘energy’.

    Ah, but the mini-exercise in your link is not “body awareness” according to the author, it is visually cued. (Hence he calls it “cheating”). NEW is not visually cued, any more than chi kung. Hence neither NEW nor chi kung has anything to do with that exercise.

    If you now read Path Notes p. 33. and then pp. 144-5 say, and bear in mind that Bruce’s methods raised his own Kundalini, you may find yourself concluding that NEW is can’t possibly be equivalent to merely “giving someone a tingle”, nor to the kindergarten exercise in your link. It is capable of some heavy duty things entirely compatible with the worldview you’d get from those pages. Not a worldview where the nature of energy is being mixed up with — supposedly — physical-only sensoria. (That’s another conversation again.)

    And who would stop to wonder, after experiences of that kind (“the feeling was of being slammed about, but I never came off the zafu… my skull blew off and I was radiating up into a fountain of white light…”) whether they felt energy or only felt they were feeling it? Don’t you think the question would be rather moot at that point? :)

    I don’t know where you got the idea that Bruce might be “one of the worst offenders of the- ‘hold your hands together, feel the buzzing’ crowd”, but your instinct to ditch that idea upon actually reading his book was the correct one. Weed out whoever gave you the idea originally. Even when giving impromptu lessons to complete beginners on fun TV shows he isnt doing that — although it might look at first like he is. The difference comes when you actually try the exercise.

    There’s a great deal more I could say here, but the reason I’m not blogging at the moment is that I don’t have time! It’s no-one’s fault that some questions don’t have short answers of course, but I’m going to close comments for now. All the best to everyone. I’ll post something a little later on.


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