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The delay is…

Andrew Jackson Davis — the “American Swedenborg”. All his visionary stuff was set off by initial contact with mesmeric trance.

… I’ve discovered things I need to work with actively. Some truly wonderful stuff, really has coalesced my view, brings a lot of things together. But is not conducive to me sitting and writing, my mind is in a completely different space.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve been writing here for well over two years and I’ve been writing stuff that works, and so it’s worked. Especially with the recent research, which I thought was just historical, what I found was a new way of seeing. Now I’ve suddenly seen the most enormous link with hypnosis.

I should mention a bit more on how hypnosis fits the picture. Its importance is greater than most think. Hypnosis actually dovetails with chi kung, because of its foundation in Mesmerism. The records of those guys have things in that nobody is noticing. Everyone knows hypnosis works for all sorts of stuff like pain relief, and that it can awaken good stuff in the personality, etc. But a lot of people haven’t twigged that this happens because of different consciousnesses within the person that are contacted. This is all about the power of trance states and it goes right through the recent history of Western spirituality, as well as wider of course, in different forms, into shamanism etc.

Did you know:

– Edgar Cayce first went into his trances through hypnosis?

– Jane Roberts, of “Seth Material” fame, worked with hypnosis and recommended self-hypnotic procedures?

– Masters and Houston, looking to reproduce transpersonal effects of LSD, went to group hypnosis procedures in Mind Games (1972), and inspired the John Lennon song and album (great cover art)?

– Some of the simplest chi kung motions resemble those of the early mesmerists, which were sometimes used to build trances so strong that legs could be amputated painlessly?

– There are people showing science to the effect that the old mesmeric passes actually work?

Friederike Hauffe, the “Seeress of Prevorst”. Painting by Gabriel Max.

– Mesmerism too was linked with the visionary, that great seers mostly now forgotten, eg. the extraordinary Friederike Hauffe, worked with these procedures? (And of course all the psi/ESP imaginable, take that as read. But there’s more to this than just that.)

– Western mesmerists worked with tree energies? Here’s the “Puységur elm”, which early mesmerist the Marquis de Puységur worked with energetically. See those people holding ropes attached to the tree? They’re receiving energy from it for healing. (BTW, Check out Christine’s new blog for her work with plants, good stuff.)

Puységur’s magnetised elm.

Now put all that together and what have you got?

Obviously all this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve written before at various points about some of the stuff that this brings together now — eg. on entrainment, the overhead light, the normal, subconscious and superconscious mind, and so forth. And of course Kundalini.

Unfortunately it’s all clicked in a way that I can’t write about because I’ve got to work with it directly. I have to confirm what this is telling me. So right now I may have to stop writing altogether. I’m sorry about that, it is unexpected, but it may be the best way. Some of you know anyway that I’m not awfully comfortable online.

Spiritual But Not Religious in 2012 – XVII

5 Elemental Challenges — Fire

SBNRs need to be careful what they “believe”, if they are going to write on factual levels, or indeed visionary levels. For a start they must learn, urgently in some cases, not to mistake the latter for the former. The discipline of being cautious when claiming physical truth ought to be ingrained after the 20th century!

Empirically we know Edgar Cayce was mostly wrong on specific predicted world events. Some people still bandy his name about as if he were infallible. He was good at specific personal and medical readings but he wasn’t infallible by a long shot.

This is yet another way to “just believe”, and sometimes justifies very simplistic emotional attachment — not to Cayce, but to whatever he is taken to represent. Sincere investigation of what is really there — personally, artistically, scientifically, culturally, and transpersonally — is plenty amazing enough without plumping for more kitsch. Believe me. :)

It’s most troubling when it happens to those who should know better. Claude Swanson, for all the exaltedness of his Princeton Ph.D. in physics, believes at least one obvious, provable marketing hoax in his Life Force: The Scientific Basis (2009). I haven’t seen anyone else spot it, but the science wing of SBNR has to do better than that! This is very close to scientific kitsch. Vigilance, for goodness’ sake. I had supposed some fairly big names were involved in peer-reviewing that book.

Speaking carefully and responsibly about truth is the only alternative to forfeiting credibility, never mind integrity. I for one am doing this so I don’t get fooled again.


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