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I want you to know I am listening to you. :)

This blog is in its early days; it really in a sense hasn’t begun yet. I would not disagree there is a need for a separate intro page on kundalini, how we can define it in modern terms, links to psychology and philosophy, etc… and I will take care of this soon. The thing is, my own personal theories about kundalini and what we seem still to call ‘spirituality’ (basic, guiding-star, use-it-if-you-get-lost theories I mean) are still being formed based on daily experience. I want to put it together in a nice way… Although obviously, like the Reading List page, it will be dynamic, the basics of the ideas have to be there in some kind of solid form, for other people to think with and react to.

What I’ll build up eventually will work on also on the level of physiology (which is inseparable from the other two these days anyway, and in kundalini experience not least), to the extent I know anything at all about that, and equally on the energetic level. Where you go from there into mythology of any kind is up to you — and the cosmos with which you are interacting — but we are talking about a multileveled process with a hugely transformative effect on all those levels… the description will be consonant with the way I was taught but also with the wider understanding that would take in the history of spiritual philosophy etc. And should work to help with the particular kinds of issues kundalini throws up, plus loose enough to take account of some interesting variation.

Not to mention, I’m also coming to the end of my first round of research into cross-cultural appearances of kundalini which is a fascinating topic. Reading the accounts of people is always very interesting. And you can bet there will be plenty of weirdness too.

I’m working as quickly as I can! Indeed I’m only getting my first breathing space now in a long time. When I see the title of a book by the famous Neoplatonist Proclus, “On the Existence of Evils”, and accidentally misread it as “On the Existence of Elvis”, I know I should get out more. :)


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