Appraising 2011 — Previewing 2012

A big welcome to this year! Thanks again to all who are joining in, old companions and new explorers alike.

Looking back over 2011, I had less idea than I thought of where I was going as I began the blog… that’s why certain categories such as ‘Deities and Spirits’ have remained emptier of actual posts than I’d expected. I simply didn’t find a way to talk about that yet. :) You can’t blame me, “times being what they are” (Stoppard).

But certain themes did develop in the course of the year. To state it all in a maximally positive way, and why not for once, after 50 or so posts we are clear that:

This is a world where the reality of altered states and paranormal experiences is available and constantly accessed whether with or without official sanction, as well as being bound up with the depths of our identity.

This is a world where such states have real effects at all levels, where people really do meet dead love ones or exit their physical bodies, where psi adepts really can find lost archaeological wonders, martial artists really can knock you over without touching you, healers really can cure cancer from thousands of miles away, interaction with deities really can take place, and meditation really does introduce you to the secrets of the universe and your own soul.

This is a world where the subconscious in everyone is a genius with permanent access to the superconscious. As Freudian demonisation of our subconscious fades in the rear-view mirror, anybody can access its power and with it the process of human actualisation.

This is a world where free enquiry of art, science and mysticism are perfectly well able to circumvent the regulations that according to some still surround spiritual power.

This is a world where religions, even western religions, produce useful material and achieved people, along with the huge amount of useless material and blockage. Mysticism and energy work is a cross-cultural activity with methods that recognisably line up. Many members of big religions regularly don’t understand that “mysticism” is the source of their authority in more than a historical sense.

This is a world where the step into spiritual lineages with genuine scientific literacy and evidential orientation has already been made; where paranormal powers have already been proven to be real scientifically; where the biology of being tuned into the cosmos is being discovered right down to its effects on organs and glands; where ch’i and science are compatible.

This is a world where we can already explain some of what seemed inexplicably and wondrously mythological, although the explanation has certainly not removed the wonder.

This is a world where the ultimate, in the form of kundalini, is waiting to transform the nervous system into bliss and open anyone up to the cosmos, where all that’s needed for those with initiative is a good method and a decent guide.

This is a world where human self-actualisation matters and is possible for anyone, and where it’s therefore wise to evaluate your sources of information to see if they wish to and are capable of helping you on that quest. Why live a small life? (Or a narcissistically ‘great’ one with no truth, happiness or depth for that matter!)

This is a world where kids who pay attention to the fantasy and myth laid out for them as childhood entertainment will often imbibe huge amounts of very useful symbology — enough, if they’re lucky, to help them break free of TV as adults. (Ref. previous paragraph.)

This is a world where everyone is drifting in and out of altered states and interacting energetically all the time, mostly without any idea since the social self experiences only the reality allowed for it.

This is a world where people talking about what they call ‘religion’ and ‘spirituality’ are only too happy to sound authoritative without having a clue.

This is a world where if you want a blog with lots of hits you need to write about skeksis. :)

So, an interesting world in which to go adventuring this year. I’ve got quite a few ideas floating around on what to cover in 2012, taking the above as read and proceeding into a few unvisited corners to pull out insights based on it.

For the seasoned transpersonalist or cultivator, this year on the ‘Box may be more unusual reading than last — for the less seasoned, it may be even more unusual. :)

But either can remain sure of a viewpoint based on experience, not theory alone, and on as much reality-grounded research into both science and tradition as possible to back it up, combined with an emphasis on what’s best for individual actualisation and health in the most practical sense.

My list above isn’t an ‘argument’, but can help deconstruct unwanted dogmatic religious or pseudoskeptical viewpoints to make room for planting seeds along more fertile furrows. Interested parties can incorporate the ideas into a lifeview that works for them. No-one need be over-ambitious since even a little real change is precious stuff. “Those who can alter even a single situation, call them wise,” says the Neiye. Moving forward (when ready) to kundalini, reveals a fulfilment beyond many of those supposed human limitations, but we all have a deep core of the eternal stuff at the root of our psyches and many of us sense it.

As mentioned last year more than once, Glenn focused on being confident cool happy and sexy. You could do a lot worse for your initial aims in life, and I’d say Darwin agrees with the Kundalini Goddess on that. The Inner Smile over time can bring self-acceptance to a level where you realise you need relatively little and that’s where the fun begins since need is the opposite of happiness. I love to be a help in accessing the remarkable potential lying within us all, since watching it fulfilled is guaranteed to be among life’s more beautiful experiences.

Some of the less real limitations on you are very insistently blared by the culture so I’m planning to share techniques this year to help with the removal of unwanted cultural influences. (It’s not hard, the subconscious knows how and just needs the right signals which it usually doesn’t get.) That would include unwanted family influences too — those can be very tricky. I may go into a deeper discussion of sexual energy since strengthening it is a vital aspect of getting independence of mind and touches on some things not normally said.

The Reading List needs a big updating, as promised. I’m aware the current one doesn’t hang together neatly and that it’s also not so user-friendly for those who just want to try something out.

The psychology section of it will grow. Psychology is more of a help than I had imagined to start with since unlike Glenn I had no real experience with it professionally until recently. Although many helpful approaches are transpersonal (Grof, Maslow, Jung, Assagioli), it interests me that many equally helpful are not (Erickson, Ellis, Levine, Bowen). What all these people have in common is the ability to live their insights and help people on a practical level. I’d like to deepen talk about methods I began last year, with emphasis on making things ‘just happen’ rather than being too controlling. There’s a lot to explore.

Kundalini, especially as Glenn experienced, taught and envisioned it is likely to be at the centre of the blog this year. The transformational power of the nervous system is everyone’s birthright if they want to go for it and a cross-cultural inheritance which leads to a widened perception of a truly cosmic nature. There have been quite a few foolish things said about the whole experience but when understood it is also certainly the gateway to the reality of superconscious existence. We aren’t where we were in the Gopi Krishna days and don’t need to be scared of blowbacks as we know how to make the system work safely. (Although that gentleman is still a very useful read and is the father of the cross-cultural approach.)

Lots to play with then. Don’t forget to contact me if there’s something specific you want covered. Enjoy,



6 responses to “Appraising 2011 — Previewing 2012

  • AngelaN

    Such an interesting world – and moment- we are living in. Great post and happy 2012.


  • AngelaN

    Thank you Jason. Everything’s going well, adjusting to my crazy current workload. Hope everything’s great in your life as well.

    Really enjoyed what you wrote on Maslow’s… Will pass it [referenced, of course] to my fellow Gestalt students, most of them heard about Maslow for the first time last weekend and don’t have time to go through Motivation and Personality :D

    • Jason Wingate

      Everything’s pretty nice here right now thanks.

      Glad what I wrote touched off something. Indeed, I read M&P so you don’t have to… :) There’s more in there too, the sex and love stuff is excellent but I’ll get to it another time.

      If you fancy giving the Gestalt angle on anything in the upcoming weeks, and have time, I’m sure it’d be interesting.

  • spiritinquire

    Happy 2012!
    I’m looking forward to more- I always love reading your posts :)

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