In answer to the question: do you need to open all the meridians? How do you do it? Why does Mantak Chia not teach it?

IMO the answers: yes you do, well “need”…. it’s better, and it’s good and it’s great to do. Assuming you are following a route like mine etc.

For those who don’t know, the meridians are the lines you see on acupuncture dolls, along which are strung the acupoints.

Acupuncture Dolls

There are 12 ordinary and 8 extraordinary meridians. Two of the extraordinary are the most important — Ren and Du, down the middle of the front and back of the torso respectively.

To “open” these meridians is to be able to move ch’i along them without obstruction.

How? The best book is IMO in the one in the qigong reading list: by Bi Yongsheng. I did put that in the advanced section but if you’re a keen beginner go for it. But if you are only exploring maybe not. This book has masses in it inclyding a wonderful Yi Jin Jing form which will open the meridians in many ways, as well as a rundown of important points and other skills. This is all before it even gets to what it’s written for — teaching you to emit ch’i. Seriously good book.

There are other resources I know. I have one that looks great — Li Ding’s book. You know how I lurve 80s medical qigong! This is his own system for opening the meridians, one form per meridian including Ren and Du (14 meridians total). Could be very useful but not on the reading list yet. Why not? I haven’t actually got round to trying it yet. :)

You will also need an acupuncture doll plus Deadman/Al-Khafaji/Baker — don’t try it without that. You can of course use a simpler acupressure book to start with but such books are limited for the exercise of opening everything and relating everything.

To do this work assumes you’ve already got some good quiet focus and peace etc.

Good exercise: entrain to some problem inner state, eg. a difficult problematic subpersonality, and from within it feel into where the meridians are for points that are sticky or stubborn. Look those points up, note their meanings and give acupressure. See what happens. If you can accept a healing that doesn’t involve thinking, you may be surprised.

One day I’ll publish a whole heap of this stuff.

I first heard of opening all 12 meridians from Stephen Chang’s qigong book which is in the reading list and is very good. However there is not much to go on as to method, the goodness of that book is more in the basics methinks.

Glenn definitely knew his meridians and had them open as you can see from certain indications in his books.

Why doesn’t Mantak teach it? I don’t know. Ask Mantak.

And yes, essentially, as having very little in the way of Metaphysic, Epicureanism provides a beauty-and-contentment-based approach to thought that can chime with the experiential work of qigong-style meditation without interfering. To have all the meridians open, to be able to run energy properly, is itself to be at peace in a certain way, but also vigorous and healthy and responsive. What I’m saying is, Epicurus would call this ‘pleasure’. Each meridian has its aspect in the personality, and they lock together like… well like any patterned sequence does, but you are in them. All energy signatures can be felt in the meridians. You can find many examples from Glenn.

EDIT: Note the longevity of Democritus.


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