Monthly Archives: September 2012


Now interacting with the living universe, just wanted to come back and say hi. I may not want to go left-brainy for a while so the blog may fold or look rather different. The stuff I mentioned last does work as I suspected (with a little leavening from Carls Jung and Rogers). Apologies to everyone with whom I have suspended e-mail conversations.

About the requests concerning more reading lists. I’m going to have two more — one for psychology, the other a general grab-bag or surprise box of unexpected stuff from herbology to delay loops to cultural history of modern spirituality. It may be a while. I’ll also add to the qigong reading list materials for the 8 Extraordinary meridians which I didn’t include yet. (Those looking for that right now can check out James McRitchie free stuff in his ‘global qi project’, google it.)

If looking to get ahead on Humanist psych, perhaps start with the reprint 1962 edition of Maslow’s Towards a Psychology of Being, and add Rogers’ On Becoming a Person. The idea of “becoming a person” applies to the earth and everything on it, plus the universe. There is a necessary link for getting ‘rehumanising’ to go transhuman. The idiots have not stolen livingness from anyone but themselves. Rogers centres his work on the living person actualising in non-left-brain processes, his descriptions of which match those of Glenn (compare Path Notes p. 20 with On Becoming a Person p. 109). He got so good at it he was nominated for a Nobel for trying it in Northern Ireland, long before Hume. The formless centre of the person radiates through everything. All mechanical description is secondary to experience of this.

This is going to fly. One day it will become a training system like Glenn’s, the basic format is already obvious but it will probably need several years to deepen and work through.

I leave you with a great video some Russian guy put together. I’ve been investigating original hippie culture, to see what’s worth saving, which leads naturally to the Ozrics (whom I always love) and this realisation of them is unique and excellent. I wish you all the best in your various paths. Don’t listen to idiots who don’t know aliveness of breath and soul.