Happy New Year, Thankyou, and Updates

I would like to wish all ‘Box readers a very happy new year!

Thanks for all the extra attention and hits on the last series, the new subscribers and the bigger numbers were very welcome! This year I will be continuing the series approach, but we will now be moving into far more mind-melting territories and the series will become more sustainedly intense than anything I’ve done previously.

I’d also like to thank everyone who wrote and commented about my situation, that “karmic oil spill” in my family and so on. I would say that situation is considerably improved. How? That’s amongst the things I’ll be writing about, but a lot of it is chi kung pure and simple. I still do a lot of Jin Shin Jyutsu as well. I’ve now fully learned the meridian forms I wrote about before which have become really important and are part of the healing. But the bigger part is interaction with Kundalini which is a wider subject. Looking for the proper frame(s) through which to view that is something I’ll really be onto this year.

If you offered help for my healing, please may I say that I am very grateful, even if I didn’t happen to accept! I not only appreciate the thought, but I may take you up on it yet. I am still not fully well but I have made huge progress and cannot understand how I have lived my life this long the way I was! Healing of this depth is extraordinary. This episode turns out to be the reason for unexpected difficulties I experienced in my awakening previously, and is dovetailing with a fairly big expansion of my understanding and consciousness. Which is always nice.

I hope I can somehow turn this to profit by the way I write about it here. It’s all down to interaction with Kundalini, the way it spontaneously re-orders the energy system, and how that interacts with other systems. I want to present to you (none too soon some will say) a vision of how this all interacts with the kind of cultural stuff I ended on last year, with history and art and science in a bigger picture, but also with individual psychology and transformation.

What is all this stuff anyway? How does it work, what is the big picture? Writing a blog often atomises subjects by dribbling them out piecemeal but now I want to pull them together. Not that it will be some totalising vision — it’ll interface with what you already see, but I hope expand it in worthwhile ways.

First job however will be to turn that dreadful “About” page into something more representative…

Have a great 2013!


EDIT TO CLARIFY: With the meridian qigong I do four meridians per day, once round the cycle. You do learn the meridians very well. The other nice thing is that it builds in a lot of basic stretching of the neck, lots of lift-and-pour, facial point massage etc. that you then don’t have to do separately.


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