Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers

So, with apologies for the delay, to the excellent Carl Rogers. I will cover him from the SBNR angle, opening up his ideas for anyone’s personal use. (This is a propos of the ‘summaries’ I promised of useful psych for transpersonal purposes.)

In practical terms Rogers is one of the most important important modern sources for self development. To sketch in his ideas really doesn’t take long. He was not a transpersonal psychologist but at every stage I’ll show the direct relevance of his stuff to transpersonal goals and ways, and he will be a major support for a lot of transcendent concepts to come. His work becomes a useful touchstone on issues like natural spontaneity and developing meaningfulness, especially in an initial practice where peace and stability are the watchwords. Anyone meditating and/or doing chi kung, wanting to increase harmony and meaning to prepare for Kundalini, should find this series gives supportive ideas and ways. It will also surreptitiously set up ideas that later prove lot bigger and more important.

Writing on Maslow and other psychologists before, I tended to blend them with other things exercising me. This Rogers series will definitely situate him within subjects I always cover, but will focus directly on his own thinking, with many verbatim quotes. Series after this may not focus directly on psychology for a while as I move to being more of a wissenskünstler, but it will all tie in.

The format is short posts again, at an interval of four days. Hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading!


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