Just thought I’d check in with you this solstice.

Things are going great on the practice front, and the plans for what I’m going to post here are still in place. I’m definitely going to move to a new format, quite a big change which I think will interest you, and I’ll also be covering some (I hope) rather exciting and esoteric subjects which will fill in blanks I’ve never addressed.

In the meanwhile I’m obviously very happy people are still finding the blog useful and subscriptions are ticking up. Many thanks for bearing with me; I simply don’t want to post the next tranche until I’m absolutely sure of what I say, as always.

I’m working constantly, full on — little or no reading now, just the thing itself. It’s been a real journey. Not that it’s all new, in fact it’s certainly reconfirmed the importance of the psychology I have always liked. The Carl Rogers, Milton Erickson and subpersonality stuff is still right there, firing on all cylinders. But ways to talk more directly about shamanic and Kundalini-based esoterica are approaching. Those worlds connect, and I think I have a good way to communicate that connection that will be useful for others. And a lot of fun as well.

So that’s all coming up next year. Until then, let me wish you a hearty very best for the holiday season.

I’ll leave you with the reigning king of the manouche guitar.



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